Bio Fruit

Bio Fruit - PLANT BIO-STIMULANTS ( A Nano-Technology Innovation For fruit yield)



  • 2ml/40liters of water for spray application in case of Grapes. In ampules
  • Dilute 250ml in 200liters of water and apply in 1 Acre. Spray on Fruits


        Exp. Date:  3 years from the Date of Mfg.



·         Bio-Fruit is a fruit quality enhancer. It is a unique combination of high powered nutrients, bio-enzymes, vitamins and energizers to give fruits the required superiority in quality.

·         Bio-fruit optimizes size, shape, colour, flavor, texture and shine of fruits. Most importantly it increases yield and post-harvest keeping quality of the fruits.

·         Bio-fruit increases the fruit weight and yield.

·         Bio-fruit enhances taste in fruits with a stronger fragrance and higher sugar content.

·         Bio-fruit increases the shelf life of the fruit to assist in export transportation.