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Probiotic Strains
  1. As per the need of customers, we are manufacturing and supplying a wide array of Probiotics.
  2. Lactobacilli and bifid bacteria maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora by producing organic compounds-such as lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and acetic acid-that increase the acidity of the intestine and inhibit the reproduction of many harmful bacteria.5, 6 Probiotic bacteria also produce substances called bacteriocins, which act as natural to kill undesirable microorganisms.
  3. Supply as per need of customer needs in bulk.
  4. We undertake export of Probiotic stains.
Customized product for different waste water treatment

Our product PolluSorb is a consortium of different microbial & algal strains and enzymes capable of a synergistic approach to pollution control. The microbial strains augment nitrogen metabolism and thereby reduce their levels while the algal strains metabolize to reduce the phosphate levels in polluted water. The elimination of nutrients by PolluSorb can in turn annihilate the sustenance of eutrophic algal blooms. The potential of this product lies in its cost-effectiveness and customizability to meet specific control requirements, thus can be targeted for use in lakes cleaning and preservation. Preliminary analysis of lake water samples to determine their pollution profiles helps customize PolluSorb to meet the existing control requirements. Addition of specific strains can target lead, mercury and other pollutants on-the-go. Treatment regimes can be discussed and planned for effective use of our product in the clean-up of water bodies.

Cleaning Solution Using Microbial Technology

Bacteria are nature's primary cleaners and decomposers recycling elements and restoring without the action of bacteria, the world as we know it would not survive even a few weeks.

Our TECHNOLOGY provides cleaning by removing organic soils, it provides long lasting odor control since odors are generally produced by organic soil. These microbes can limit the growth of pathogens without the use of toxic chemicals. Surfaces cleaned with our bacterial technology product will retain a residual population of friendly microbes that continues to clean - whenever even minimal moisture and organic soils are present - after the cleaning person has left the area. As unfriendly microbes, such as gram negative strains, are deposited on the surface, the controlling microbes actually prevent the growth of these potential pathogens.

Proplant - Super Energizer

Key features:

  • Immunity boost
  • Early crop maturity
  • Inhibits the growth of pathogenic organism, thus preventing disease incidence
  • Greater yield, size, quality, taste and overall quality of the products
  • Highly stable
  • 100% organic Leaves no harmful residues
Terra Green

A complete reprogramming solution for all type of soils
Key Features

  • Revival of native soil microbiota
  • Rapid root development by providing nutrients and improved aeration
  • Maintains stable beneficial microbial ecosystem
  • High shelf-life
  • Breakdown of complex nutrients and aids in plant nutrient absorption
Biocontrol Agents:

get rid of pests before they attack crop and save your harvest!!

1) Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN): …
This EPN is good against thirteen pests like root grubs, shoot borers, root borers. This gives the effective results. It can be applied on all vegetable crops. This EPN kills most of the major pest when they are at larval stage

Product Name: Nema power
3-4 kg per acre (Nema power has 1× 106 nematodes per gram) Self life: 3-4 months.

2) Trico-cards: Tricho-cards have pasted onto them eggs of a surrogate host infested with Trichogramma larvae, which release pests that tackle other pests like leaf roller worms or stem borer worms, which are common threats in paddy, sugar cane and vegetable fields. The pests that emerge from the eggs on the card, after doing their job, either move on or die without enough food, thus creating no further threat for the crop. It kills pest at Egg stage.

Each tricho card contains about 20,000 parasitized eggs. Each hectare requires around three to five cards. The cards are attached to leaves, and are planted among the fields three to four times every 10 to 15 days. Shelf life: 10-15 days (Frozen will last for 20- 25 days)