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Welcome to ZEAL Biologicals

ZEAL was born to provide customizable solutions to your unique Life Science research needs. An R&D Lab cum institute fulfilling needs of a wide range of Biological services & Products. Also providing hands on training in a number of interesting areas, projects for undergraduate & postgraduate students as well as help and lab space for PhDs. We have has also established itself as an experienced provider of world class, laboratory services.

FOOD TESTING In order to ensure safety, quality and wholesomeness of food products it is necessary to analyze these products for various parameters as established safe by the regulators as well as desired by the consumers.

To comply with food safety requirements, analysis of residues of chemicals such as pesticides, drugs & antibiotics, heavy metals, aflatoxin levels, microbiological analysis, genetically modified organism (GMO) analysis, physical analysis, etc.,Readmore...

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1.Welcome to ZEAL Biologicals..!

Monsoon Showers............New Beginning 

Contact us for HACCP training level 1 , 2 , 3 & 4 certificate course starting tomorrow 27th June 2017
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Agriculture Coaching for AEO......Starts
 Demo on 24th July 2017

Fertilizers made up of Billions of Microbes and Natural Organic Matter!
For all crops ,vegetables,millets, fruits & flowers.
                                               b)Humic acid
                                               c)Trichoderma Viridae
                                               d)Plant Growth Promoter
                                               e)Seaweed Extract
                                               f)Trichoderma Cards etc..,
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Probiotic Strains

As per the need of customers, we are manufacturing and supplying a wide array of Probiotics.
Lactobacilli and bifid bacteria maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora by producing

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Waste Water Treatment

Conversion of solid wastes and sewage into plant nutrients.
Degradation of toxic wastes
Converting toxic wastes into readily usable fertilizer

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Cleaning Solution

Bacteria are natures primary cleaners and decomposers recycling elements and restoring without the action of bacteria.
The world as we know it would not survive even a few weeks.

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