Thunder – A virus Relief

Thunder – Virus Controlle (Nano Organic Technology)


Dosage:  2-3ml per liter based on infection level with 0.5 ml Aqua-S nonionic silicon spreader in water. Spray uniformly on effected plants.


Exp. Date: 3 years from the Date of Mfg.

Net Content: 100ml and in Drums.

Salient Features:

  • Thunder is a very effective organic solution compared to synthetic virucides for the farm crops, flowering plants and garden plants.

  • Thunder decrease curling of the leaves, and reduces extra thickening and swelling of plant veins due to viral attack by carries and during grafting.

  • Thunder avoids and stops flower buds abcise before attaining full size due to viral infection.

  • Thunder on regular use, provides plant extra immunity against common direct and vector transmitted viral attacks.

  • Thunder effectively treats the viral diseases like leaf curl, mosaic virus, Gemini virus, begomo virus etc.